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TGC Model. Rotary Chain Transfer Unit

Rotary Chain Transfer Unit consists of a U-shaped folded steel sheet frame and profiles of different height that allow along with the various thickness of steel sheet lifting and conveying loads of different weights and sizes as well as changing the direction of the load on the conveyor line.

Its usual working position is horizontal. This transfer unit model gets installed under the roller line of any ASSEMBLY model thus making it possible to move loads vertically on any side of the conveyor line.

Chains get activated by motor-driven pinions and slide over high-slide bed plates thus making load movement possible. Timing belts are activated by motor-driven pulleys. These elements: frames, pinions, chains, …, are installed under standard roller conveyors. Elevation and lowering movements are provided by cylinders.

This model of transfer units would be suitable for factories that handle palletised products, high loads, building materials, ….

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