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Manufacturing and assembly workshops and complementary services

Machining, adapting, replacing elements or manufacturing totally new ones.
Mounting, assembling, no-load or load tests. Everything is possible in our manufacturing and assembly services. Besides, we offer a range of complementary services of transportation, installation and maintenance, in order to provide you with the best comprehensive service, so that you can just focus on manufacturing as usual.

Manufacturing and assembly workshops

Machining, adapting, replacing elements or manufacturing totally new ones. Everything is possible in our manufacturing and assembly services. From the easiest to the most complex project, all the elements and equipment you need to improve the performance of your belt and conveyor systems are prepared in our facilities.

We have flexible facilities that allow us to cope with any project to modernise or manufacture conveyor systems for materials and industrial products.

ASSEMBLY. Modernización y Proyectos Sistemas industriales de transporte. Talleres fabricación y servicios. Contenedor
These are some of the conveyor systems we can manufacture for you:

Belt conveyors

  • Landscape conveyors
  • Reversible conveyors / Mobile on rails
  • Pivoting / Variable incline / Telescopic conveyor
  • Big inclines / “Z”
  • Medium duty / Inside conveyors
  • Tubular conveyors

Bucket elevators

  • Single-side intake and discharge / Dredging
  • Opposite side intake and discharge
  • Buckets fixed to a rubber belt
  • Buckets fixed to chains

Other equipment and conveyor systems

  • Weight dosing dispenser
  • Hood discharge chutes
  • Overland belt conveyors
  • Truck unloaders
  • Hinged conveyors
  • Conveyor lines of packaged products
  • Indoor belt conveyors aluminium profiles
  • Chain and slat conveyors
  • Belt and rollers curves
  • Gravity and powered roller conveyors
  • Redlers
  • Helix conveyors and U-shaped conveyors / with cap cover
  • Screw conveyor for pallets / blenders

Transportation, installation and putting into operation service

We also offer transportation services to move big equipment until or from our factory. Once delivered at your facilities, we will plan with you the best installation and implementation service to fit the improved equipment in your productive process quickly and avoiding long production stops.

We care for the slightest details so that you just have to care about your business.

ASSEMBLY. Talleres de fabricación y servicios de instalación, montaje y puesta a punto. Segunda. Contenedor

Maintenance and continuous improvement service

We provide you with a service of systems maintenance and 24/7 customer service. We can help you either if you need to face an incident, or if you intend to optimise your maintenance plans or just count on support staff at certain production peaks.

When talking about maintenance, we do not just mean breakdowns. We can help you improve your maintenance plans or directly support you when required.

ASSEMBLY. Servicios de mantenimiento y mejora continua. Contenedor

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