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ECC Model. Chain Bucket Elevator

Chain Bucket Elevators consist of two heads, a boot with a loading chute and the drive section with an involute in accordance with the centrifugal discharge of the product.

The vertical area, made of a single cane, has a modular design and includes required inspection and maintenance doors depending on the total vertical height of the elevator.

A wide range of buckets (PVC, Stainless Steel, wear resistant or carbon steel) can be attached to high-quality double chains meant to suit all sorts of requirements of the conveyed products. These will provide maximum reliability and durability of the product conveyed.

It is equipped with all sorts of safety systems: magnetic rotation control, pull switches and mushroom head push-buttons in compliance with the machine safety regulations.

This model is suitable for work with all sorts of difficult, hot, abrasive materials, such as clinker, scrap glass and mixtures, silica, …

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