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EBFT Model. Belt Elevator with Sidewall and Cleats

The main frame is made of rolled UPN profiles and longitudinal angles mutually braced into a lattice. Manufactured in modules, fitted with screws it thus provides stiffness to the conveyor. Inclinations of up to 90º angle for lifting materials are possible thanks to the belt with sidewalls and transversal cleats, whose height complies with T/h capacity requirements.

Manufactured in modules, its horizontal bottom and top sections, as well as its intermediate area, are adapted to various inclinations. Its modular design and compact size make its transport by truck or container and its subsequent field assembly more comfortable.

Available standard belt widths are 500, 650, 800, 1000, 1200 and 1400 mm, special projects widths of 1400 mm are being studied.

Its compact size and high adaptability of its frame to different angles, both in loading and unloading areas, makes this model suitable for various conveying solutions, bulk material handling (lifting), loading at the top of silos or hoppers, and for bulk material with low moisture content (less than 5%).

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