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CURIG Model. Stainless Steel Gravity Roller Curve

Gravity Stainless Steel Roller Curve consists of a frame made of curved steel sheet with interior reinforcements if necessary. Using Stainless Steel sheets of various thickness it allows conveying loads of different weights and dimensions by force of gravity.

Its usual working position is slightly inclined. The inclination angle depends on the load weight to be conveyed. These curves can also be driven manually or with the help of a robotic arm.

The distance between the rollers and the floor can be adjusted to suit the function of the curve on the production line of the client. The height can be customised using Stainless Steel supports. These can be adjusted using either silent blocks if the curves work with light materials or threaded rods for heavy duty curves.

Stainless Steel Tapered Rollers are attached to the sides of the curved steel sheet. The size and spacing between the rollers will depend on the load to be conveyed. Rollers and their components (sleeve, axle and bearings) are made of Stainless Steel.

Equipped with guards in strict compliance with the safety requirements of the machine.

This model of roller curves would perfectly suit canning, food, meat and frozen food factories.

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