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CURBI180 Model. Stainless Steel 180º Belt Curve

Stainless Steel 180º Belt Curve model consists of an inverted U-shaped frame. The belt slides on the frame which along with Stainless Steel sheet of various thickness allows conveying loads of different weights and dimensions to connect with other pieces of equipment.

Its usual working position is horizontal. The distance between the rollers and the floor can be adjusted to suit the function of the curve on the production line of the client. The height can be customised using Stainless Steel supports. These can be adjusted using either silent blocks if the curves work with light materials or threaded rods for heavy duty belt curves.

Stainless Steel Tapered Rollers are attached to both ends of the frame. The engine unit with chain drive and pinions are connected to the motor reducer, and the tensioner is put on the opposite end.

A wide range of conveyor belts made of PVC, PU, FDA are tailored to the product or material to convey. These belts can feature smooth or rough surface…their width and manufacturing quality can be adjusted to suit all types of conveyor systems and projects, from 500 to 1000 mm.

This model of belt curves would perfectly suit canning, food, meat and frozen food factories.

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