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Conveyor systems in the winemaking

There are probably few sectors where conveyor systems solutions provide more value than in the winemaking. In this industry, motion is constant in the processes of discharging grapes, destemming and crushing, but also at decanting while making wine and, lastly, in the process of bottling and shipping orders. In ASSEMBLY, we specialise in conveying equipment for this exciting sector. We provide solutions of “intelligent” modernisation for your facilities, as well as custom projects according to your needs. There is no big or small project for us. We are passionate about them all.

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Conveyor systems for winemaking

In winemaking, we can find a number of conveyor solutions to convey grapes and their scrap, as well as wine and its containers (barrels and bottles).

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In ASSEMBLY, we can provide you with solutions for the “intelligent modernisation of facilities and new custom projects for all these industrial conveyor systems, including:

  • Capsule machine
  • Belt conveyors
  • Conveyors in the bottling machine
  • Scrap containers
  • Electrical panels
  • Dosing tank
  • Destemmer-Crusher
  • Bottling machine, filling machine
  • Labelling machine
  • Bottle washer
  • Selection table
  • Tipping platform
  • Press
  • Corking machine
  • Dosing chute
  • Chain conveyors

“Intelligent” modernisation of industrial systems

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We are experts in projects to modernise facilities and conveyor systems for all kinds of goods and industrial products. Our solutions do not require making big investments and are implemented gradually, reducing production stops as much as possible.

Custom projects of conveyor systems

ASSEMBLY. Talleres de fabricación y montaje
In ASSEMBLY, we have a wide experience in designing and manufacturing custom systems to convey vertically and horizontally all kinds of goods and products, with a high degree of modularisation and standardisation. A quick and efficient answer and a guarantee of future development and improvement.

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