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Conveyor systems for any industrial sector

In ASSEMBLY, we specialise in conveyor solutions for all kinds of materials and industrial products. We provide solutions of intelligent modernisation and custom projects with a high degree of modularisation and standardisation for a number of sectors. There is no big or small project for us. We are passionate about them all and make an equal effort.

Industrial sectors

We have the expertise for and can offer interesting proposals to modernise existing facilities or for new projects in a number of sectors, including:

Food industry

As a combination of numerous sub-sectors, the food industry is one of the main industries in the country and it comprises a wide range of belts and conveyor systems. There are as many varieties of conveyor belts and systems as required by handling and manufacturing food products. Few conveyor solutions in other industries are likely to convey so much added value, of such fundamental importance.

ASSEMBLY. Sistemas de transporte. Otros Sectores. Alimentación. Cintas transportadoras de huevos. Contenedor

Thanks to our expertise, in ASSEMBLY we can offer interesting proposals for the intelligent modernisation of conveyor belts and systems in the food industry or to carry out new projects with a high degree of modularisation and standardisation. In particular, we have a specific proposal for winemaking and for the meat and poultry industry.

Construction, sand and gravels

Conveyor systems for the construction sector have always been characterised by making easy what is difficult, by conveying heavy loads in continuous processes and achieving a high degree of productivity. In ASSEMBLY, we have a sound experience in designing all kinds of conveyor belts and systems for this sector.

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Logistics and transportation

Few sectors have been developed as much over the last few years as logistics and freight transportation. The evolution has taken place both in the industries themselves and in the services provided by transport companies and agencies. In ASSEMBLY, we have interesting proposals of intelligent modernisation for this sector.

ASSEMBLY. Modernización y Proyectos Sistemas industriales de transporte. Sobre nosotros.

Furniture, wood and paper

Furniture, wood and paper are three important industries where the conveyor belts and systems must combine productivity and excellent handling of products. In all of them, conveyor systems are either part of equipment working in continuous or semi-continuous processes, or they act as independent systems moving the products between the different stages of the productive process.

ASSEMBLY. Especialistas en sistemas de transporte de materias y productos en la industria papel. Cintas acero. Contenedor

Other sectors

The diversity of industrial sectors using conveyor belts and systems is so high that it would be impossible to list them all. The chemical sector, USW / CDW, or glass and silica are just some other sectors where we can help modernise facilities intelligently or launch new projects of industrial conveying equipment. Do not hesitate to contact us to find a solution to your needs.

Conveyor solutions

ASSEMBLY. Sistemas de transporte. Otros Sectores. Alimentación. Cintas transportadoras rápidas de latas. Contenedor

In ASSEMBLY, we can provide solutions for intelligent modernisation of facilities and new custom projects for all these conveyor systems, including:

  • Belt conveyor
  • Slat conveyors
  • Strap conveyors (strings)
  • Hinged conveyors
  • Metallic mesh conveyors
  • Bucket elevators (belt or chains)
  • Line and/or curve gravity roller conveyor
  • Line and/or curve motorised roller conveyor
  • Auger conveyors

“Intelligent” modernisation of industrial facilities

ASSEMBLY. Talleres de fabricación y montaje
We are experts in projects to modernise facilities and conveyor systems of all kinds of goods and industrial products. Our solutions do not require making big investments and are implemented gradually, reducing production stops as much as possible.

Custom projects of conveyor systems

ASSEMBLY. Talleres de fabricación y montaje
In ASSEMBLY, we have a wide experience in designing and manufacturing custom systems to convey vertically and horizontally all kinds of goods and products, with a high degree of modularisation and standardisation. A quick and efficient answer and a guarantee of future development and improvement.

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