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Conveyor systems and components

We have what probably is one of the widest ranges of components and elements. They are essential to manufacture our conveyor systems in our factory. Pulleys and head drives, tensioners, conveyor belts, rolls, buckets, safety and custom equipment and systems of all kinds. Around 1.000 different elements to make up your system.

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Conveyor systems for raw materials and industrial products transportation

These are some of the conveyor systems we can manufacture for you:

Conveyor belts

  • Landscape conveyors
  • Reversible conveyors / Mobile on rails
  • Pivoting / Variable incline / Telescopic conveyors
  • Big inclines / “Z”
  • Medium duty / Inside conveyors
  • Tubular conveyors

Bucket elevators

  • Same side intake and discharge / Dredging
  • Opposite side intake and discharge
  • Buckets fixed to a rubber band
  • Buckets fixed to chains

Other equipment and conveyor systems

  • Weight dosing dispensers
  • Hood discharge chutes
  • Overland belt conveyors
  • Truck unloaders
  • Hinged conveyors
  • Conveyor lines of packaged products
  • Indoor belt conveyors aluminium profiles
  • Chain and slat conveyors
  • Belt and rollers curves
  • Gravity and powered roller conveyors
  • Redlers
  • Helix conveyors and U-shaped conveyors / with cap cover
  • Screw conveyors for pallets / blenders

Components of our conveyor systems

In ASSEMBLY we always use supplies from the main reliable brands for the components and elements of your conveyor system.  Thanks to our manufacturing and assembly services, these components and elements often undergo a later transformation or machining.  Besides, some of the most important elements we use are manufactured directly by ASSEMBLY.

Directly manufactured by ASSEMBLY, transformed from an external component or directly supplied by other first brands, you can rely on all the components we use in our conveyor systems.

Below are some examples of components and elements we use in our conveyor systems:

Head drivers

    • Head pulleys with tubes and squirrel cages
      • Covers: rubber, ceramic, etc.
    • Snub pulleys higher wrap
      • Rubber cover
    • Motor powered drive (all brands)
      • Compact  motor reducer
      • Reducer +  motor with IEC bracket
      • Reducers + motor + cables and pulleys
      • Reducers + motor + cables and pinions
      • Elastic couplings
      • Hydraulic couplings
      • One-way valves external freewheel
      • Motor braking
    • Scrapers and primary scrapers
      • Elastic Suspensions (Rosta)
      • Of exchangeable sheets
      • Motor powered brushes for ribbed belts
    • Feed and transfer chutes
      • Motorizsd or pneumatic bypass
      • Exchangeable anti-wear sheets
  • Inspection windows
  • Extendible discharge chutes
  • Frequency conversers
  • Powered pulleys
  • Magnetic head pulleys

Tensioning head pulleys

  • Tension pulleys with tubes and squirrel cages
  • Internal cleaning scrapers
    • In “V”-plow landscape belts
    • Diagonal “/” scraper for reversible conveyor belts
  • Impact Beds
  • Spoon reception chutes
  • Guiding rails
  • Tensioners
    • Threaded shafts
    • Platform-guided tail pulley

General Equipment

  • Flat, ribbed rubber conveyor belts and bellows/pegs
    • Belts for the food industry
    • Anti-abrasive
    • Cut resistant
    • Anti-flame
    • Heat resistant
    • Fireproof
    • Oil resistant
    • Oil and grease resistant
    • Electrically conducted
  • PVC flat, engraved conveyor belts and belts with bellows/pegs
    • FDA Food industry
    • Antistatic
    • Oil resistant
    • Oil and grease resistant
    • Anti-abrasive
    • Cut resistant
    • Fireproof
    • Packaged Product
    • Cardboard, Paper, etc.
    • Adhesive products
  • Vulcanised belts in fields
  • Hinged belt conveyors
  • Flat, Impact, Cleaning and Scraper Rollers
    • Carbon Steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
    • Garland Rollers
    • Vertical Rollers
  • Roller Frames
    • Upper
    • Lower
    • Self-Aligning Rollers
  • Inspection corridors and access stairs
  • Hinged / Fixed covers
    • Carbon, Stainless, Galvanised Steel…
  • Safety systems
    • Pull switches
    • Emergency switches
    • Rotation Sensor System
    • Belt misalignment emergency stops
    • Maximum and minimum levels
    • Bearings temperature control
    • Transfer bottleneck sensors
  • Buckets
    • Carbon Steel
    • Deep Drawn Steel
    • Stainless
    • PVC
  • Metal detectors.
  • Magnetic Separators
  • Continuous Weighing Scales
  • Electronic Equipment in Explosive Atmosphere – ATEX
  • Automation, Programming, SCADA, dashboard
  • Machine protections according to EC standard

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