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CCA. Lorry (Truck) Loader

Our Lorry (Truck) Loader consists of a very robust and rigid main frame made of UPN and HEB profiles. It can use 2,600mm wide belts with transversal profiles fitted to the attachments of the chain and metal cross stiffeners.

Main features of this lorry loader include among others:

  • Designed to receive the lorries (trucks) directly on the belt both from the front end and cross-wise.
  • Depending on bulk density it may reach up to 750 T/h in handling rates.
  • Power supply, electric switchboard, automatic,…
  • The system of dust extraction and collection.
  • Ramps which allow lorry (truck) alignment and elevation.
  • Chevron belts for the central conveyor and belts with sidewalls and cleats on both feeders.
  • Signal lights for lorry (truck) control and as help for lorry (truck) operators.

Clinker, sand, coal, aggregates, pellets, cereals, feed products, all sorts of bulks can be loaded using our model of Lorry Loader. Different characteristics of the bulk to load might require some adaptation.

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