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CBD. Dual Ship Loader

This model of mobile ship loader conveyor system is designed to increase the average loading rate of bulks to the vessels directly from the lorries (trucks), no ramps or auxiliary equipment required. It provides extra flexibility and efficiency since it can be moved at any point of the loading process.

Main features of this ship loader include among others:

  • Designed to load all types of vessels from barges to PANAMAX size.
  • Depending on bulk density it may reach up to 2000 T/h in handling rates.
  • Power supply, electric switchboard, automatic,…
  • Does not require a tow vehicle. It is relocated by electric remote control.
  • Double Feeder. Two lorries (trucks) can unload simultaneously perpendicular or parallel (one on each side).
  • Remote control for main operations as a standard.
  • The system of dust extraction and collection.
  • Telescopic spouts for filling shipholds adapted to the type of material to load.
  • Marine specification painting.
  • Chevron belts for the central conveyor and belts with sidewalls and cleats on both feeders.

Clinker, sand, coal, aggregates, pellets, cereals, feed products, all sorts of bulks can be loaded using our model of Dual Ship loader. Different characteristics of the bulk to load might require some adaptation.

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